Annual Tournament

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5th Annual Enchanted Circle Trout Unlimited

Fishing Tournament

October 21-22, 2017

Price- $1,200.00 per team.

Teams of up to 4 people (including guide or unguided)

Includes 2 days guided fishing, award ceremony with dinner

and prizes.

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Please see the signup Button at the top. This signup will allow you to register your team (4 members) online. Our Staff will contact you to manage the payment. If you are an individual fisherman looking for a team, please email us (, and will help you fins a team.



The Enchanted Circle chapter of Trout Unlimited (ECTU), will be holding it’s 5th annual fishing

tournament October 21-22, 2017. The two day tourney will be limited to 10 teams either as a

guided team or unguided team. Teams can enter with a guide or be assigned a guide or be

unguided. This tournament is one of ETCU’s big fundraisers of the year. The money

generated from this tournament helps fund such projects as the Red River Habitat Project and

bring awareness to local trout and river conservation issues.

The Red River Habitat has been a multi-agency effort to restore degraded trout habitat in the

Red River and bring economic development to the Questa Valley. With an initial grant of

$60,000 from the Questa Economic Development board, a $10,000 donation from the ECTU

and Truchas Chapters, and matching federal grant funds and NM Game and Fish contributions

we were able to raise to raise nearly a million dollars for the Red River!

Our work is not finished. There are more areas and streams in need of our help. Other

current project needs extra funding to make sure it finished with all the bells and whistles we

want. Money raised from this tournament will directly benefit fisherman, both local and

visiting, help restore the Red River, and bring economic growth to the Questa Valley.



October 21-22, 2017

Schedule of Events

October 21, 2017

Day 1 fishing tournament

8:30am: Teams meet, river assignments, explanation of rules.

9:00am: Depart for assigned river.

5:00pm: Return for “weigh-in”. No host adult beverages. For every 10 minutes a team is

late that team will be deducted 25 points.

October 22, 2017

Day 2 fishing tournament

8:30am: Teams meet.

9:00am: Depart for assigned river

5:00pm: Return for “weigh-in”. For every 10 minutes a team is late that team will be

deducted 25 points. Points will be tallied and there will be an award ceremony with

dinner provided at Taos Mesa Brewery.

Prizes will be as follows and will be for each participant as well as guide;

First place –Fly Rod TBD (Approx $400.00 retail value)

Second place- TBD ($300 retail value)

Third place- TBD ($200 retail value)

Prizes will also be given for largest fish and smallest fish and more!


Based on conditions either Rio Grande, Red River or Cimarron. All teams will fish the same

rivers over the 2 day tournament.

Half the teams will fish one river one day and then switch rivers the next day.

Teams will be notified prior to Day 1 as to river assignments, morning meeting locations and

“weight-in” locations.


Price is $1,200.00 per team. Maximum 10 teams so sign up soon. Teams are up to 4 people

including a guide but a guide is not required. We highly recommend a guide. Teams can

enter with a requested guide, be assigned a guide or be unguided. You can have a team of 3

people plus guide, a team of 2 people plus guide, a 1 person team plus guide or a team of 4

people with no guide. If you want to participate but don’t have a team ECTU will assign you

to a team. Guide not responsible for splitting the entry fee as the guide is donating most of

their time to help Enchanted Circle Trout Unlimited. Each team should assign a team leader

(not the guide) that is responsible for sharing all tournament info with the team members.


Catch-n-release with artificial flies with single barbless hook.

Valid New Mexico fishing license with Habitat Management Access Validation and Habitat

Improvement Stamp is required. All New Mexico Game and Fish, US Forest Service, BLM and

State Park regulations must be followed.

Only 2 rods can be fishing at a given time.

Each team member is allowed to score or record THREE best fish of each day. Must have

identifying photo of the fish with the soft sided ruler to verify length and trout species.

Guide can fish but only score or record TWO best fish of each day. Must have identifying

photo of the fish with the soft sided ruler to verify length and trout species.

Fish up to 12 inches are worth 100 points. Every inch over 12 inches will be awarded an

additional 25 points.

Each Brown or Cutthroat trout will be worth an additional 50 points.

For every 10 minutes a team is late to “weigh-in” that team will be deducted 25 points.

For example: A 16 inch Rainbow trout is worth 200 points (100 points for first 12 inches plus

100 points for additional 4 inches). A 14 inch Brown is worth 200 points (100 points for first

12 inches plus 50 points for additional 2 inches plus 50 points for being a Brown trout).

All team members and guides must be present at each morning meeting.

Guides will not provide lunch, beverages, etc. Teams need to plan for lunch, beverages, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Guides will be making far less than normal guide pay so please consider a

generous gratuity!