For information about chapter activities, how to get involved in our volunteer conservation, education or outreach activities, feel free to contact the pertinent  Enchanted Circle Chapter Officers and Committee chairs below.

Paul White, President and Project Healing Waters Liaison

Sloan Covington, Vice President

Roy Dunlap, Secretary and Casting for Recovery Liaison

Bill Adkison, Treasurer and Banquet Committee Chair

Marilyn Farrow, Board Member and Casting for Recovery Liaison

Jeff Sherwood, Board Member  

Ken Harrold, Board Member

Marc Space, Board Member

Larry Kelley, Board Member

Doc Thompson, Board Member

Tom Harper, Board Member and Ex Officio

Doug Palmer, Membership Chair

Bart Hazleton, Conservation Chair    

Jim Herman, Database Manager

Ben Herman, 2015 River Clean Up Chairman

Marc Harrell, IT Advisor

Jim Morgan, a founding father of the chapter and Chair of Water Monitoring Committee