Board Meeting Minutes – December 9, 2014

Meeting Notes

Enchanted Circle Trout Unlimited

Member Meeting– December 9, 2014

Board Room, La Fonda Hotel

In Attendance:  Bill Adkison, Marilyn Farrow, Ken Harrold, Bart Hazleton, Robby Henrikson, Jim Herman, , Bill Owen, Doug Palmer, Jason Sides, Nick Streit and Ted Terry.


The meeting was called to order by president Bill Adkison at 6:35 pm.  He then opened discussion of a proposal from Toner Mitchell, New Mexico’s Public Lands Coordinator for  Trout Unlimited, for support of the Rio Grande Cutthroat exhibit at the Pajarito Environmental Education Center (PEEC) in Los Alamos. The exhibit can be used to showcase the plight of the Rio Grande cutts. The center is a new state of the art building near the high school intended for education and outreach and has a planned opening on Earth Day, 2015. The funding being sought from the TU chapters is to cover the initial expense for the aquarium, chillers, etc., with no maintenance assistance to come from the chapters.


A total of $10,000 in funding is being sought from all TU chapters in New Mexico; the Truchas chapter has pledged $5,000 in 2014 with more possible if needed; Bosque and Gila chapters are new and consequently unlikely to be able to make significant contributions.  A fundraiser was held at the Los Alamos theater and raised $600; it is assumed the Council will help fill in any gaps.


The Enchanted Circle Chapter (ECTU) budget sets aside 50% for conservation, 25% for outreach and education, and 25% for administration and fundraising.  At this time, with commitments already made to the Red River project and engineering expenses on the Hondo, it was moved and seconded that ECTU give $3,000 from the education budget to the project.  The motion passed unanimously.


Robby Henrikson, biologist with the Taos Pueblo game and fish, Department of Natural Resources, expressed an interest in establishing a similar aquarium on the Pueblo.  He currently has 30 gallon tanks that could be used; he may request ECTU support for a Trout in the Classroom  project.


A proposal for support of Fly Fishing in the Classroom (FFITC) – Eagle Nest Encore Program was presented by Nick Streit. The project  would engage 16 students in the 6th through 8th grades in fly fishing activities, including trout biology and physiology, entomology, fly tying, knots and casting and an intro to fly casting and equipment. The class will be led by professional instructors.


Equipment purchases might include fly-tying vices and tools; some equipment might be available for rental from Doc’s and Nick’s supplies; there are 10 ECTU rods and reels that could be used.  In the past Temple Fork and The Sierra Club have been supportive of such endeavors. Discussion included the value of getting the local young people on the water and engaged with ECTU.  Jason commented that 67% of the students in Eagle Nest are on the free or reduced lunch program. The principal, Mr. Mills, is very supportive of the proposal and his school has one of the top performing programs in the state.


An expected program budget was presented not to exceed $10,000.  A grant in the amount of $10,000 has been obtained and ECTU is being asked to become the fiscal agent for administration of the funds. If proven to be a success the funding could continue on an annual basis and may later expand into a Taos school.  FFITC would submit invoices to the treasurer once per semester for compensation of instructors; invoices for equipment will be submitted as needed.  It was moved, seconded and unanimously approved that ECTU will provide volunteers as needed, become the fiscal agent for FFITC, set up a separate checking account at People’s Bank for the funds, require two signatures for any checks over $250, and that Paul White, Bill Adkison, Doug Palmer and Marilyn Farrow will have check-signing privileges.


Open questions to be resolved include:

  • Who would own any equipment purchased?
  • Who will ride herd on the details?
  • Are there any liability concerns for the Chapter?


Bill Adkison is waiting on a response from TU National concerning any other possible conflicts of interest, or liability issues.  Any such problems will be worked out prior to the start of instruction.  The chapter will provide documentation of 501 (3) (c) status and an IRS mandated letter to the donor.


Lanny McDonald reported through President Adkison that his time to commit to chapter communications has become limited due to work commitments. He has received no photos from members as requested at the last meeting, and does not currently have time to write articles for the website or newsletter.  Therefore, going forward, whomever is the point person for an activity will be asked to provide a brief write-up and photos of their event for posting on the internet.  Nick Streit offered to post such information on Facebook if participants and leaders of activities will send the information to him at   Also, contact information to individuals will be listed on the website with names and email addresses only no phone numbers.  As Lanny requested previously, committee chairs will be asked to provide the contact information that they want on the website (e.g. for individuals looking to volunteer for a particular activity).  Bill Adkison will send an email to the chairs requesting same.


Ken Harrold has been working on the winter social with help from Nick Streit and Paul White. The event will take place on February 8 at the Hotel La Fonda from 5 to 8:30.  In the conference room a video may be running; instructions on Tankara, Czech nymphing, and other similar topics may be offered.  Happy Hour prices will be available on beer with a discounted bar and lunch menu (prices ranging from $10 to $15 – 5 or 6 menu choices to be available). A $5 cover charge is being considered; reduced room rates in the hotel are being explored, as is live entertainment.  The Dining Room will be exclusively for the use of ECTU during this event.


ACTION ITEM: Marketing of the Winter Social will include putting “Save the Date” flyers in fly shops ASAP And Getting A Notice In The Taos News “Tempo”.


The ECTU annual banquet will be held May 15 at the Taos Country Club.  The planning committee includes Bill A, Bill Owens, Paul White and Doug Palmer and a contract has been signed. The cost per person to attend will be the same as last year; the meal a Mexican buffet.  The Club is waiving a variety of charges as Bill Adkison is a member. All members and friends should be soliciting donations for the auction; those with ECTU business cards should be introducing themselves when they patronize local businesses, leave their ECTU card, and inform the merchant they will be asking for a donation later. Traditionally “experiences” have sold better than tangible items.


ACTION ITEM:  A marketing piece is needed describing the ECTU projects completed and under way.


A request for financial support of  handicap access in the Red River project was discussed.  ADA wheelchair access proposed at a cost of $21,060 has not been funded. This project would create no improvement of the stream habitat and was not seen as important for Project Healing Waters. ECTU has the Hondo and other projects to which they have committed support; there could be funds from the access stamp revenue and lodgers tax to fund this segment of the Red River initiative.


Construction on the Red River project below Eagle Rock Lake and the hatchery is now scheduled to commence in February 2015 and run through April 1. ECTU would be willing to help provide signage and kiosks.


Bill Adkison spoke with Doc Thompson after the last meeting about plans for the 2015 River clean up.  Nothing has been planned.  Board member Ben Herman has agreed to be the point person for the river cleanup on the Cimarron.  He will work with Doc and others to make this a success.  They are working on two separate programs.  Suggestions to be pursued include asking if Bobby Michaels (Philmont Scout Ranch) might be available for fly tying instruction, asking for troop 98 of Taos to participate, and getting the guides on the East side of Palo Flechado involved. 25 to 30 or so volunteers could  handle cleaning the Cimarron at each of the pullouts, perhaps followed with casting instruction for kids/scouts involved.


Robby Henderson discussed his activities on Rio Pueblo and the lack of whirling disease or other problems.  Members expressed an interest in learning more about the waters’ needs and what cooperative projects might evolve.  ECTU could probably provide volunteers for conservation efforts even though access to the waters may be restricted.


Next Meeting:  Board planning meeting (open to interested members as well) February 10, 6:30 pm, Hotel La Fonda Board Room.


The meeting was adjourned with fellowship following in the Mosaic restaurant.


Respectfully submitted


Marilyn Farrow









Board and General Meeting December 9, 2014

We will have a Board and General meeting at 6:30pm  on December 9, 2014. The meeting will be held at the La Fonda Hotel in Tao, New Mexico.

October 14, 2014 General Meeting Minutes

10-14ECTU Minutes

October 14, 2014 Sub Committee Meeting (Mailing List)

10-14 Board Minutes

2014 Annual Meeting Minutes




September 11, 2014

CALL TO ORDER-Acting president Bill Adkison

Members present:  Nick Streit, Chris Cantrell, Marc Harrell, Eric Patterson, Jim Herman, Paul White, Bill Owen, Steve Slick, David Gilroy, Doug Palmer, Lanny McDonald

Determination of quorum: 10% of 114 members required=11 members.  12 members present.  Quorum requirement is met.

RECOGNITION OF OUTGOING OFFICERS and  DIRECTORS, and certain members.   Summary of Bill Adkison’s comments:

Nick Streit:  Brought youthful enthusiasm and a special skill set to the chapter.  Highlights would include the fishing tournament and the Red River project. Leaves very big shoes to fill….He will remain involved as an Ex Oficio member of the Board of Directors, and will mentor the new president.

Bill Owen:  Bill was a founding father of the chapter and the original secretary.  After almost 7 years of service as secretary, we allowed him to step down so that he could become New Mexico’s NLC representative to TU National.

Christoph Engle:  Rose to the call to serve as secretary  and helped move us from the analog to the digital realm for chapter minutes and notices via the website and Facebook.  Although his appointment as secretary expires, we have plans to utilize his skills at the committee level.

Doug Palmer:  Was a founding father of ECTU, the first president,  and board member for the seven years of the chapter’s existence.  He has been a one man membership committee and key player in the annual banquet.  He has been a valuable mentor to all of the subsequent presidents that have served.  He is our liaison to CFR and is active in PHW.

Jim Morgan:  It’s hard to know where to start.  Jim is a member that is always there, always has something positive to add to the conversation, and has been a vital player as our liaison to the Cimarron Watershed Alliance, as a key player in various  water testing programs,  and trout in the classroom.  He has been the youth outreach coordinator on the east side of Palo Flechado for years.

Eric Patterson:  Eric has been a long term board member, active on the banquet committee every year, our liaison to Water Sentinels, Sierra Club and other NGO’s. We have always been able to count on Eric, and will continue to utilize his talents at the committee level in the future.

Paul White:  Paul has played a vital role in the annual banquet, is active in PHW, ALWAYS comes to activities and projects, and often ends up “saving the day” when someone drops the ball.

Marc Harrell:  Was appointed to the board in February 2014.  Marc has graciously started our website, connected us to Pay Pal for the banquet, and patiently assisted me and others in getting up to speed in the ways of social media.  His continued help will be invaluable as we grow our chapter and reach out to a younger demographic.

Chris Cantrell:  Chris stepped up to answer the call when we needed board members in February.  His help in organizing the fishing tournament was vital.  We have projects for him in the future!

Jason Sides:   A former chapter president, Jason is another member that  always shows up and helps out.  He has an amazing way of “plugging holes in the dike” without making a big deal out of it.

Jim Wenger:  I don’t want to miss an opportunity to thank Jim for his work as program director for PHW and ECTU’s liaison to this important outreach activity.

Steve Slick:  In addition to allowing us to utilize this great conference room year after year, Steve always donates lodging to the guided fishing trip package that we auction off at the banquet.


Nominating committee recommendations

President-Bill Adkison

Secretary-Marilyn Farrow

Treasurer-Paul White

Vice President-(no recommendations at this time)

Nominations from the floor requested- none offered.  Doug Palmer moved to accept the committees recommendations by acclamation.   Approved.

ELECTION OF BOARD MEMBERS: (3 year terms-at large)

Nominating committee recommendations

Lanny McDonald

Ben Herman

Bart Hazleton

Marc Harrell

Doug Palmer

Nominations from the floor- Nick  Streit nominated Chris Cantrell, pointing out his educational background, prior service to the organization, and interest in serving.  After a discussion concerning bylaws Article lV, section 2, it was determined that, indeed, 6 members could be voted on at this time, with the past president being an ex oficio member of the board.  Chris was voted in by unanimous approval to be our 6th at large board member.


On 9-20-14   Aurelio Corso and Mary Jane Reed, owners of the Costilla Creek Fishing Lodge, have graciously agreed to host our first annual ECTU Board retreat. Invitations are extended to the new officers and directors, and former board members.  Our intent is to draw up committees, outline the schedule of meetings and begin plans for our conservation, outreach and educational activites.   The recommendations of the board will be presented at the next meeting.


BYLAWS REVISION- All members had access to the new bylaws as required by TU National.  The group was reminded that a 2/3 majority vote of the members in attendance would be required for passage (as per the old bylaws) There was no discussion.  A motion was made for acceptance of the bylaws committee recommendations as posted.  Seconded.  Unanimous acceptance.

The business meeting was called to an end at 7:35 p.m.

The social hour began promptly.  The new board members were warmly welcomed by the group.






September 11, 2014

6:30 p.m.

Hotel La Fonda de Taos Conference Room

Please join us in electing and welcoming in the new officers and directors and thanking our prior volunteers who have worked hard and served us well!  LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND BEVERAGES WILL BE SERVED AFTER THE MEETING, WITH A NO HOST OPEN BAR!  Please come get to know your fellow members and the new officials!

The new bylaws that must be voted on are posted on   Click on events, then click on the main heading ECTU Bylaws, then click again on the blue link ECTU Bylaws



ECTU Bylaws

To view a .pdf of the proposed bylaws changes, please click on     ECTUbylaws

Trout In the Classroom (TIC) at Cimarron High School

On May 14 the students from Cimarron High School wrapped up their Trout In the Classroom project by releasing their raised Rio Grande Cutthroat into the Cimarron river. The project began several months ago when the student received their trout eggs and successfully raised the trout through all the stages of growth with an 85% survival. Way To Go! Jim Morgan from ECTU was instumental to the project and we really appreciate the time and effort he put in. Also thanks to Leigh Hedderman, CHS Science Teacher, and CHS Environmental Science and Biology Classes for heading up the project.

The day was expanded to include more activities and renamed the Cimarron High School Fishing Clinic.  Additional activities were: Fly fishing instruction by Taos Fly Shop Guides, Fish population survey using electroshocking technique by NMDGF, Macro-invertebrate collection and collation by River Source, Impromptu fish stocking by NM Red River Fish Hatchery, and a Prize drawing  by NMDGF. Special thanks go to -ECTU members: Jim Morgan, Doug Palmer, Monte Randles, and Jason Sides.
-Taos Fly Shop Guides: Jason Sides and Ron Sedall
-NMDGF: Jason Blakney, Fisheries  Biologist, and Clint Henson, Information Officer.
-River Source: Rich Schrader
-NM Red River Hatchery Guys

IMG_0201 IMG_0202 IMG_0204 IMG_0206 IMG_0207 IMG_0209 IMG_0212 IMG_0214 IMG_0225 IMG_0226

ECTU joins Cimarron High School for the Trout In The Classroom Project

2013 Winter Event

Join us Tuesday, December 3rd at the Taos Ale House for our 2013 Winter Event & Social. Our guest presenter will be Norman Maktima, member of Fly Fishing Team USA, creater of several fly patterns made famous by Umpqua Flies, and senior fishing guide at High Desert Angler in Santa Fe. Norman will be giving a slide presentation on competitive fly fishing with a focus on applying those techniques to New Mexico water. He will also be sharing his tips and tricks on fly tying at the vise.

The evening will also be an opportunity to meet your ECTU officers and other members as well as to learn about the Red River Improvment project and other fishing and conservation projects that your ECTU is currently working on. Come and see how you can help out and get involved!

There will be fabulous door prizes and food & drink will be available for purchase. Cost is $5.00 at the door. Doors open at 5pm and the presentation will begin at 6pm.

Hope to see you there!