September 11, 2014

6:30 p.m.

Hotel La Fonda de Taos Conference Room

Please join us in electing and welcoming in the new officers and directors and thanking our prior volunteers who have worked hard and served us well!  LIGHT REFRESHMENTS AND BEVERAGES WILL BE SERVED AFTER THE MEETING, WITH A NO HOST OPEN BAR!  Please come get to know your fellow members and the new officials!

The new bylaws that must be voted on are posted on   Click on events, then click on the main heading ECTU Bylaws, then click again on the blue link ECTU Bylaws



ECTU Bylaws

To view a .pdf of the proposed bylaws changes, please click on     ECTUbylaws

Trout In the Classroom (TIC) at Cimarron High School

On May 14 the students from Cimarron High School wrapped up their Trout In the Classroom project by releasing their raised Rio Grande Cutthroat into the Cimarron river. The project began several months ago when the student received their trout eggs and successfully raised the trout through all the stages of growth with an 85% survival. Way To Go! Jim Morgan from ECTU was instumental to the project and we really appreciate the time and effort he put in. Also thanks to Leigh Hedderman, CHS Science Teacher, and CHS Environmental Science and Biology Classes for heading up the project.

The day was expanded to include more activities and renamed the Cimarron High School Fishing Clinic.  Additional activities were: Fly fishing instruction by Taos Fly Shop Guides, Fish population survey using electroshocking technique by NMDGF, Macro-invertebrate collection and collation by River Source, Impromptu fish stocking by NM Red River Fish Hatchery, and a Prize drawing  by NMDGF. Special thanks go to -ECTU members: Jim Morgan, Doug Palmer, Monte Randles, and Jason Sides.
-Taos Fly Shop Guides: Jason Sides and Ron Sedall
-NMDGF: Jason Blakney, Fisheries  Biologist, and Clint Henson, Information Officer.
-River Source: Rich Schrader
-NM Red River Hatchery Guys

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ECTU joins Cimarron High School for the Trout In The Classroom Project

2013 Winter Event

Join us Tuesday, December 3rd at the Taos Ale House for our 2013 Winter Event & Social. Our guest presenter will be Norman Maktima, member of Fly Fishing Team USA, creater of several fly patterns made famous by Umpqua Flies, and senior fishing guide at High Desert Angler in Santa Fe. Norman will be giving a slide presentation on competitive fly fishing with a focus on applying those techniques to New Mexico water. He will also be sharing his tips and tricks on fly tying at the vise.

The evening will also be an opportunity to meet your ECTU officers and other members as well as to learn about the Red River Improvment project and other fishing and conservation projects that your ECTU is currently working on. Come and see how you can help out and get involved!

There will be fabulous door prizes and food & drink will be available for purchase. Cost is $5.00 at the door. Doors open at 5pm and the presentation will begin at 6pm.

Hope to see you there!

Red River Fishery Improvment Project Proposal


Submitted by:  David Gilroy, Teacher and Research Coordinator

Taos High School Science Department

Ecological Forestry Program


Restoration Project: Red River Fishery Improvement Project


Research Question:  1. ) How do the habitat improvement measures influence the benthic substrate and its aquatic macroinvertebrate community?  2.) How did trout population capacity change with enhancement of the Red River’s geomorphology?


Time Frame: Fall 2013- Fall 2015

Location: Red River, Questa, NM

Actions:  Finalize Research Plan with input from ECTU, USFS Carson National Forest, and NM State Fish and Wildlife Regional Biologist.


Budget: We request $700 for two years of research with 2 students.  New monitoring equipment will be purchased and made available on loan to David Gilroy at Taos High.  The equipment will be owned by Trout Unlimited, managed by River Source and made available to the school as long as that equipment is being used according to the Memorandum of Understanding.


Budget item



Student Internship Stipends  (on their 2nd season of research)

$500 ($250 per student)


Transportation or mileage



Supplies and Lab Analysis



Equipment (stream flow meter, inflatable kayak, benthic grab sampler)


Taos High School Perkins Grant


Total Budget


Total Requested from ECTU



Outputs: student research experience, increased understanding of Red River ecosystem, public presentations, publications, and school outreach.


Benefits For Students: Deeper Ecological Understanding, Career-Preparatory Research Experience, UNM-Taos College Credit, Computer Modeling Experience, Publications and Presentation Experience.



ECTU Meeting Minutes October 11, 2013

Minutes of Board Meeting

Trout Unlimited “Enchanted Circle Chapter”

October 11, 2013

Meeting of the Enchanted Circle Chapter of Trout Unlimited was convened at The La Fonda Hotel, Taos, New Mexico, at 6:30PM, October 11, 2013.

  1. Proposal for 2-year Red River Habitat and Biological Research Study:  Chapter member David Gilroy has presented a proposal for scientific study of the effects of the Red River habitat improvement measures that will be implemented by the Red River Angling Park project.  David is the Taos High School science teacher.  David’s proposal calls for a Chapter contribution of $800  to purchase monitoring equipment that will be owned by the Chapter and used by high school students under David’s supervision.  The Chapter’s contribution would be combined with a $2,200 “Taos High School Perkins Grant” to fund the project.  The study would examine the following questions: (1) How do the habitat improvement measures influence the benthic substrate and its aquatic macroinvertebrate community? and (2) How did trout population capacity change with enhancement of the Red River’s geomorphology?  Due to a scheduling conflict, David could not stay to discuss his proposal.  It was decided that Eric Patterson will meet with David to discuss details and the matter will be presented for decision at the November 7 Chapter meeting.  Meeting attendees commented favorably on the general components of David’s proposal.           
  2. TU Staffing Changes.  Toner Mitchell attended the meeting.  Toner is our new TU New Mexico staff, filling the “Public Lands Coordinator” position.  Garret VeneKlasen, who formerly worked this role, has moved up to a multi-state role as TU’s southwest regional director of the “Sportsmen’s Alliance” program.  Toner updated us on the wide variety of projects that are on his statewide agenda.
  3. Hondo Tributaries Project.  Property owner Worth Gilcrease explained a “bank stabilization” grant that will fund work upstream of the Taos East Condos.  Worth has owned a vacation home in a small subdivision accessed by the private bridge east of the Condos.  Worth explained the hoops that he has gone through to proceed with the project.  This led into the discussion of the status of the Chapter’s proposal to improve highway culvert fish barriers for three of the Rio Hondo tributaries.  These barriers would (1) protect native cutthroat trout in the tributaries; and (2) clear the way for the Department of Game & Fish to plant hatchery raised cutthroats in the main stem of the Rio Hondo.  Planting cutthroats in the main stem would dovetail with a proposal from the Village of Taos Ski Valley to improve the river habitat and angling access through the Village.  Bill Adkison reported that governmental permitting required for our culvert improvement proposal continues to be stalled.  Toner Mitchell commented that he may have some ideas to assist in getting things moving by coalition of property owners, the Village and Game & Fish.
  4. Chapter Meeting Format Discussion:  Nick noted that although the Chapter has over 100 members, our meetings are sporadically attended.  He suggests that we alter our routine by devoting 4 meetings a year to a more sociable format (locations with food and beverage service) with presentations oriented to fishing techniques and locations.  He suggests that the first of these be a meeting in early December at the Taos Ale House (located across from the Taos Main Post Office).  At this meeting guest speaker Justin Phillips will give a slide presentation.  Justin is a summertime guide in West Yellowstone and in the winters he guides in Argentina.  More details are to follow.  Nick suggests that conservation oriented chapter “business” meetings be held separately from the social meetings.  Nick’s suggestions were viewed favorably by those in attendance.


Bill Owen, Meeting Secretary


Conejos River Fish Survey

Members of ECTU join the Colorado Parks and Wildlife to conduct a fish survey on stretches of the Conejos River. The survey presented a snapshot as to how effective habitat improvements in the river have been.

Check out our Facebook page for pictures from the day.

ECTU Joins In On The Fun At Annual Fish Fiesta

We had a lot of fun and a great turn out at the Annual Fish Fiesta at Eagle Rock Lake in Questa. The event was sponsored by the BLM and the Carson National Forrest and takes place every year on National Free Fishing Day. Kids from the area got the chance to experience the fun of fishing and hunting and learn about nature and conservation.
ECTU members joined in to teach the kids all about aquatic insects and what fish eat as well as how to cast fly rods and tie flies.


Taylor Streit to speak at Taos Public Library

Fly Fishing: A Peaceful Adventure

Taylor Streit, Author and Fly Fisherman
June 8, 2013
Admission Free
Taos Public Library

Long time fly fishing guide and author Taylor Streit will give two back-to-back presentations on June 8th at Taos Public Library based on two of his books. The first will be a slide show from Fly Fishing New Mexico. With the auspicious timing of the event—at the beginning of the trout fishing in our area—he will place special emphasis on streams just beyond casting range of Taos such as the Chama, Conejos and San Juan Rivers. Questions will be taken followed by demonstrations from Instinctive Fly Fishing II . Taylor has done this demo for fly fishing shows and clubs across the U.S. It is not your basic ten to two casting demonstration but more about the nuances of fly fishing casts and maneuvers; operations that must be learned along with a proper casting stroke. You will get to witness famous casts like the “Cimarron Sling” the “lift and snap” and the “dying cobra”.

Taylor has been guiding fly fishers in Northern New Mexico for 30 years and is a “Legendary Guide” in the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. His son Nick runs Taos Fly Shop and was on the U.S. Junior Fly fishing team that placed second in the world competition of 1998.

For More Information Call: 575-737-2590